August 26th, 2003

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i remember for awhile, there were only really two basic categories of music i would listen to (with a few extries added in for flava). they were:

The Jellyfish Strain
The Sloan Tree

The Jellyfish Strain consisted of:

Jellyfish (naturally)
Jason Falkner
Imperial Drag
The Grays
Jon Brion
Beck (though a stretch)

The Sloan Tree consisted of:

Sloan (duh)
Thrush Hermit
The Superfriends
Eric's Trip
Flashing Lights
Elevator to (from) Hell
(or mainly bands on Murderecords or friends o sloan)

i'm sure there are others, but i can't think of them at the moment...

and i have no idea why i have the burning need to share this with you now. i just do. so neener.

for some reason, listening to Baker's Pink made me think of it, and how Baker's Pink had USED to be The Front, but that the keyboardist brother of Michael Franano had decided to play on the album, but not be officially in the band, and with that and a slight sound change (The Front sounded VERY influenced by The Doors, with a loverly psychadelic groove and lyrics like "love is the knife.. that cuts the streams of life... my heart lies bleeding in your.. hands..."), POOF, they were Baker's Pink. The Front's video for "Fire" was played on Dial Mtv back in the Adam Curry hosting days for awhile. My friend Nicole, who had always been on the up-and-up on music and where people of each band went after the last one became defunct, whispered in my ear about Baker's Pink. Scant days before i left on the bus to job corps, i bought the tape and listened to it all throughout my first official journey away from home... both cds are on my computer and are still in heavy rotation to this day. definitely two of my favoritest bands of all time (or same band?) that you probably never heard. and that i wish you would. you may be able to find Baker's Pink in the "garbage bin" at your local used cd place. i know i got a couple of copies easily for 99 cents. which broke my heart.

but the vocalist of those two bands, Michael Anthony Franano, became one of my largest musical influences. he just has a way of filling the heart with emotion.

you can check out his website, done by my friend Kalindi (in fact we met when she did a search for Michael Franano or some such thing and found my journal..) HERE. definitely worth a perusal. you can hear his solo music as well as that of The Front and Baker's Pink there. if you check out the music, i recommend "Ritual" and "Untouched". in fact, once i get out on my own again and have more time/space/privacy to practice, i mean to figure out the tabs to "untouched" so that i can do it at my acoustical shows *swoon*

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disco star

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i am SO going to marry a man like Conan O'Brien. you can bet on it. *puts on groucho marx glasses/moustache* a girl appreciates a guy that can make her laugh. *poof*

home from work. or home from worm, as i originally typed. would have been home earlier, but my last transaction consisted of someone that had just dropped $153 on a desk and school supplies and wanted to quibble over her binder ringing up at $0.78 a piece instead of $0.66, for a total of like $1.50 ish. and she refused to void her check and allow us to rering everything to get her money back.

oy, vey. i had forgotten the wonders of retail.

i was in a tremendously good mood today. giggling, laughing, joking around. i dunno why. i just woke up in a good mood. amazing how that works sometimes (though i had disturbing, depressing dreams..)

and more good news? i get paid at Office Max THIS friday. meaning, of course, that i will get a paycheck every single freaking WEEK. *headbangs* rawk and stuff. werd to ya mutha, shiver me timbers, and all that nautical talk.

dreary and overcast both on the way to work and the way home. the walk home was wonderful, just after dark where it's not quite completely dark yet, and almost everyone is gone from the streets. it was windy, and i so wanted to take my hair down to have it blow across my face. i love wind. so i smiled and whispered-sang some Better Than Ezra on the way home, swinging by the post office to get my mail.

nice to know that years after the fact, they decide to freaking come after me for $2700 for my sinus surgery, something that my insurance should have taken care of 80 freaking years ago.

but it still didn't spoil my good mood. i chuckled and mock glared at it, and stuffed it into my purse, sashaying (sic?) the rest of my way home...

i work tomorrow at Michaels from 11 - 530. for joy. that means i'll get home around 630 or so. yay for public transit.

SPEAKING of... as i was waiting for my bus this morning, this HUGE BUFF man with boxers and the saggy pants and no shirt came by and asked where the nearest Bank of America was. he said something in yo yo speak (yo dis and yo dat, werd.), and informed me that he just got out of jail, and the cops weren't even considerate enough to give him a shirt, yo.

i scooted closer to the person i was sharing the bench with and smiled nervously.

but i must get ready for bed. hope everything is good with yous.

..and you move like water
i could drown in you
and i fell so deep once
till you pulled me through
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