August 28th, 2003

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that was always my favoritest Bangles song, back when i would listen to them fervently at age 12. *nostalgic sigh* i so wanted to be like Vicki Peterson when i grew up. all the songs she wrote and sang off of the Different Light cd were my absolute favorite. she was cool. she was tough. she wrote the best songs. she was highly underrated to my age 12 self, seeing as all the publicity and everything seemed to go towards Susanna Hoffs. even back then, i revered rawk stahs as demigods. how freaking AMAZING it would be, to be able to play guitar AND sing, AND have it be for a LIVING?!? *swoon* it was about a year later that i got my first guitar, from santa claus. i took guitar classes in high school (along with piano and like a day of choir)... i got a bass and learned how to play it.

...and promptly put down my guitar and bass for about 10 years.

now i find myself 28 years old, and not really any closer to my goal of rock stardom than i was then. *thinks* well, i HAVE written songs now, and i DO play solo acoustical shows in front of many drunks once a week (just not the last month or so..), so i guess i am a bit closer. i can even now have a bio that can say "aubrey, once the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for The Vacant Stairs..." which makes me feel pretty cool :)

this post is going WAY off on a tangent that i hadn't planned on ;) i had PLANNED on posting the lyrics to that song and stating that they will always remind me of Brian Olson, and how much i cared for him at the time, and how he had to run off and get married to someone 6 years his junior. but i'm not bitter. i don't THINK i'm as bitter as i used to be, anyway. i just.. get curious.. as to where he is now, how he's doing, etc.

but anyhoo. i must drink my coffee faster and get ready for work.

and remember my saying that i haven't been able to feel my big toe? it's now all nice and swollen underneath. really pretty like. *frowns at toe*
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it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...


- for getting paid! woo! a whopping $111!!!! tomorrow will consist of me leaving early for work, cashing my check, buying slip in thingies for my shoes (my feet SO hate me.), Planes of Power, and prolly a nifty lunch. cuz i deserve it, damnit. almost the entire rest of it will be going to my family.

- i stopped a SHOPLIFTER today! woo! i was a store hero, i tell ya. congratulations all round. kid came through my register and tried to buy a binder that was supposedly $8, and when someone was doing a price check, i discovered two packages of $10 pens ferreted away in a pencil case that was also not part of the binder. when discovered, he shouted that his mom would come pay for it, that he didn't have the money, nor the time to deal with it *bolts for door*. i hear tell that i get a pretty crisp $20 bill for that. woot.


- as i said, my feet HATE me. i'm afraid to look at my swollen big toe, but will do so once i can actually stand again without my feet cramping something fierce. yes, i'm a baby. so wah.

- i turned in my hours of availability to Office Max. that.. didn't go over well... at ALL. doing so warranted a meeting of managers, i got pulled into the office and sat down, not once, not twice, but THREE DIFFERENT TIMES about how they hired me because i was available, and how i signed a piece of paper saying such, and how this wasn't part of the agreement, that it isn't fair to them OR michaels, that putting constraints on my availability puts stress on them AND micheals, and how could i be so inconsiderate, personal life and the fact that i'm the only one in my entire household of 3 that is working at the moment. they just may not be able to schedule me in at all, because of the massive restraint. doesn't matter that they're always short handed in the morning. bah. screw them, i say. i still don't know if they're going to can me because of it. let them. i'll have free time again. wee.

- i may be scheduled for another, yes, yet ANOTHER 7 day stretch, meaning... if i hadn't called in sick this monday, i would be working at LEAST 15 days in a row, possibly more, depending upon the schedule after that. as it is, i will still be working at least 12 days in a row, at least 8 hours a pop. let's hope my new insoles love me.

speaking of insoles... i turned to a coworker, Julia, today and said "i'm daydreaming about having brand new insoles! i hope that the ones i pick up are MAGIC little insoles, that give my feet widdle hugs with every widdle step! *squeak!*" *makes hand gestures like squeezing little feet with each step*

i will never forget the expression on her face as she inched away from me...

anyone have a clue as to why i can't feel my big toe?!?
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how did i know that Johnny Cash wouldn't win any of the awards? course, that's a no-brainer, it's Empty-Vee.

although i DID get a teensy bit of respect for Justin Timberlake, when he won the one award for the male video of the year and he got up there and was like "yo! what the hell are you THINKING, giving this to me instead of Johnny Cash?!?"

well, not verbatim, but you get the jist.

i must go to bed now, i'm exhausted.

waitaminute?!? is that METALLICA, playing Lenny? what? now Nirvana?!? white stripes?!? michael jackson? now THERE'S something you don't see every day.. maybe i dropped too many Naprosins...