September 2nd, 2003

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so, i'm beginning to think that i have these mighty thighs-o-steel that cannot be tethered by any known material..

i'm working at office max yesterday. i crouch down to put something away. again, i hear "RIIIIIIIIP", followed by a feeling of... freeness..

i look down...

instead of just a little rip, though, like my blue jeans, this was the ENTIRE FREAKING THIGH. knee to crotch. i say aloud "well. THAT'S not good."

i shuffle to the front and frantically look for a female manager.

i shuffle up to roxana and say "*cough* um, i'm scheduled off in less than an hour, and i was wondering if i could possibly get your permission to leave early?" and side step and twist to the side so as to show my pasty thigh protruding from my pants.

her eyes grow as wide as them thar beltbuckles you see on some texans. she coughs as she hides a smile. ever so professionally, she says quietly while surveying the store "i think we can somehow arrange that. hold on. SCOTT?!?"

i shuffled behind her to scott, and see her whispering to him. he looks past her at me, and, red faced, i do the little twisty to the side thing again to display my thigh. he hides a chortle (a CHORTLE!) and shoo's me off.

i have been fighting something for days now, so i called in sick to michaels and took the last bus home.

in walking the mile or so from the bus stop, i was whisper singing - as i'm wanton to do frequently - some song (i think it was by the gin blossoms..), and then i stopped and looked around, worried that people would think i was talking to myself.

i then looked at my reflection in a window as i was walking, with my pant leg wide open, my face flushed with fever, and dirty hair yanked back into a low ponytail.

yeah, they prolly think i'm nuts, anyway. so i shrugged, grinned, and whisper-sanged the rest of the way home.

and.. for a walk i've made a zillion times now, there is almost NEVER any traffic on the road, coming from the south. this time, however, every single intersection i freaking hit for the first half mile, there was a car stopped at every single one. meaning, of course, that i got to walk in front of them, the inside pant leg facing them swaying softly in the breeze.

i just hoped fervently that the sun wouldn't catch a glare off my leg and blind the poor drivers.

the last horizons i can see
are filled with bars and factories
and in them all we fight to stay awake..

i'll drink enough of anything
to make this world look new again
i'm drunk drunk drunk in the gardens and the graves..
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disco star

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oh, and i got to see the mah-velous STEVE BURNS on a morning show of some kind. they were doing a "where are they now?" segment. *stares* um, steve hasn't gone anywhere. he has fierce borderline fanatic fiend fans such as myself and nothinganything, thankyouverymuch.

so he talked about how romantic science is, and how there's just something so romantic about "us being down here and shooting off into space, to greet whatever's out there!"

*pats steve on back*

it's also interesting to see that he played portland not even a week ago. well, bullocks.

not that it would matter. cuz i was working. like i'm always working.

cept today. i've been feverish for a few days now, coughing and sniffling, so.. much.. sinus pressure... i slept HORRIDLY amongst sweated on sheets and nightmares and tossing and turning and the tangling of the blankets. thee last thing i wanted to do after that was to get up way before my brain was ready to, stuff my sad, angry feet back into their evil shoes, and clomp to work to stand on my feet for 9 hours and deal with cranky evil people at the speed of light, like i did yesterday. i'm sure office max is pissed. i really don't care. they know i've been sick over the past few days, but coming to work anyway. so they can stuff it.

faetal wants me to go to the arnada tonight. maybe i will. maybe i won't. we'll see.

i had something else i wantd to share with you, but now i can't for the life of me remember now.

i really need to update aubreystar...

just last night, i was reminded of
just how bad it had gotten and
just how sick i had become...
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