September 12th, 2003

disco star

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we went to bed around 2/2:30. at 4, jess wakes us up as he is en route to the kitchen. i hear him tell mom "you will NEVER guess who DIED!" i pretended to be asleep, cuz i didn't feel like talking... "john ritter!" i yelled "WHAAA?!? JOHN RITTER?!?"

yeah, i'm a master of disguise and of sneakability. *_*

and then he added johnny cash onto the end. we all nodded, because we knew it had to be a matter of time before mr. cash joined his beloved wife.

weird dreams. i don't remember specifics, but know that they were harrowing, and involved dry erase boards.

my family feels.. closer.. today, the closest it's felt in a long time. jess and i are going to go cash my check, eat chinese, and go shopping. jess looks nice. i would like to dress up, too, but i don't have PANTS. well, i have PANTS, but not nice pants. yet. that's part of the shopping.

i hadn't wanted to post details about the accident last night, because i wasn't sure how much jess was going to share about it. after waking up and reading his journal, he told the whole story, so i will point you to his journal post about it.

this one slept near my head all night. when i rolled over with my back towards it, she snuggled up to the back of my neck... then OVER my neck.. then on my head... then finally rested on my pillow above my head to play softly with my hair. it was quite comforting. and here she is, playing with Turbo, the kitten we lost last night.

but now i've had my coffee, i need to go get ready to go, jess is waiting.

and then when we get back, time to get ready for the drinkup this evening. i could use a stiff drink.
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disco star

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going to get ready for the lj drink up soonly.

hope to see some of you there.

it's at 7 stars or something like that, downtown portland, on either 3rd and davis or 4th and davis.

i will most likely be dressed all in black and have my nerdy glasses on.

we even got name tags for everyone, in the same color blue as lj.

so be there.

or we cry.