September 13th, 2003

disco star

starlight bring me down, til i realize the moon... it seemed so distant, yet i felt it pass right th

okay, now that pants are on (no, i wasn't walking around half nood, you ninnies, i had drunkenly crawled onto my air mattress and passed out in the skirt i wore out...), coffee is being drunked, and day old pizza is coagulating in my tummy, i spose i can tell you the bits and pieces i remember of last night.

first of all, before this morning, i hadn't remembered that it was possible to actually feel the earth rotating at its 800 some odd mile an hour pace. upon waking up, my immediate prayer was for the world to stop turning so that i could get OFF.

i also find it truly fascinating that you can go to bed looking like a prom queen, and wake up looking like a drag queen.

anyhoo, with THAT said...

SO MUCH FUN was had last night. i definitely needed a night out on the town, as it has literally been MONTHS since i had done so.

phallicmephisto was nice enough to come pick up brosely and i. we arrived to the 7 Stars at about 830ish, and found frobear waiting. a couple of booths down, sat meganpenworthy and shademalek.. nametags were passed out, trite greetings were made.

around nine, onionsniper showed, many in tow. this is where it all starts to get foggy. i know that oatmeal was there, as were dryad271, ednoled, elder_chicken, amboy00, pixie_girl, tefen...

after a couple of the STROOOOONG drinks they gave us (each one had a WHOLE lotta LUV from the bartender included in it..), MANY people showed up. jess had a roll call sheet that he had everyone sign, which i hope he still has, and i had everyone sign my little book, which i hope that i still have.

i'm greatly looking forward to reading everyone's posts about last night. not so much looking forward to work today.


thank you all for coming. let's do it again sometime.

next fun day?


My girl and I've been so happy
Since the summer I won her with the sparkle factor
When my baby smiles at me
There's no November, December, no snow falls around me
Don't give me that distortion
I was born to hear horns and I'm dying to hear violins
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disco star

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something else to add about last night:

onionsniper came up to me and said "so i heard you're nice. like REALLY nice. a sweet girl."

i was also yelled at by oatmeal for not coming out more often.

i remember seeing tribute after tribute to both john ritter and johnny cash looped repeatedly on cnn (i think it was) on the tvs in the background.

i remember a moment of silence and a toast to Johnny Cash.

i remember people telling me i looked 23. okay, maybe not people, but frobear. that made me feel good to know i don't LOOK as ancient as i am.

i remember someone being shocked that i wasn't into heavier music. they said i had 'industrial clubbing chick' written all over me. *scritches head*

i remember being paranoid that the bartender would not sell me any more drinks, so i let brosely have liquor patrol all evening. i'm still too frightened to look in my change purse to see how much money is left.

i remember thee most frightening ride home in a vehicle EVER.

i also had MANY comments on my user icon *evil grin*

i promise to retire it soon. just give her one more day of bloody splendour.

I didn't see it coming, I was a very dumb kid
Nobody ever kissed me, quite like the way that you did
And now you know that I suck at this, and you suck at it too
And now we're nothing more than vampires in love
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disco star


so i discover i have tomorrow off.

which is a blooming miracle.

i have sunday. tomorrow. off.

the kitten i posted that slept near my head the other day (and last night, too), was taken. i hear that she went to jadisan's parents, which is cool.

now to just find homes for the other 4.

i'm sleepy.. need to change, then crawl into bed.