September 18th, 2003

disco star

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do i go for the backpack?

or the messenger bag?

both same price at Old Navy.

*shakes you* TELL ME!!!

tomorrow is payday at michaels. yay. day after tomorrow is dada. nervous. i get off work around 10, then must rush home and get ready. no clue as to how i'm getting there, cuz jess will be leaving before then. who knows.

came home today, was in a good mood until i walked in the door, then i promptly started behaving like a 5 year old that was in desperate need of a nap. so i took one. dreamed of work. i'm covered in flea bites. it's like they greet me at the door, cheering "aubrey's HOME!" why cant the kittens do that, instead?

speaking of, we still have 2 left. need homes. please call.

still tired and cranky. lj being a butt doesn't help.