September 21st, 2003

disco star


remind me again: WHY do i do these things to myself?

i had sworn i wouldn't drink much last night. but after arriving at dada fashionably late, and walking into a PACKED house with no one i REALLY knew (save a couple, who were off in their own drunkdoms), i downed my two 24 oz of 211 FAST.

but i'm getting ahead of myself.

i showed up, donned in my black sparkly evening gown that i've worn to several Christmas company parties and formal cruise dinings. i Elvira'ed my eyes out, lined my lips in black eyeliner and filled them with dark red lipstick. i donned little feathery black cat ears i had bought with my employee discount at Michaels. and before you get excited and ask for a picture (if you, uh.. get excited about cat ears?), there was only one taken of me during the evening that i know of.. tefen walked up to me and said "have i taken a picture of you yet?" i closed my eyes and opened my mouth in a concerned preparation to say "i dunno" the very moment he snapped it. so, yeah. you're not seeing it.

there were people there in all sorts of costumes: a plant lady, hawaiian girl, a guy in a lampshade for a skirt (couldn't get up and down stairs, or sit down, poor guy, but it sure as hell looked cool), and all sorts of just dressers ups in odd things. and a banana.

when i hit my buzz, i started passing around name tags, telling people "now. there is one great thing about these magical nametags: you can be whomever you want to be. now take this MAGIC marker..." i tossed "Hello, my name is Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter" on my boob and ran off, brandishing my magical magic marker in the air. No one ever did get the mst reference, and some were donning nametags such as "hunny butter fart" and "ted" in response to it.

yeah, that fad lasted all of 10 min. but i made new friends in the process.

i did sing, albeit only 3 songs. by request, Raining on the Sky, Glutton of Sympathy, and Mrs. Rita. a couple of my coworkers from michaels was there, one of which stood in front of me, excitedly jumping up and down that i was SINGING, that i could actually SING, and trying to have conversations with me during the performance. there wasn't really much of a mic system, so i had to play and sing LOUD. no matter how much i screamed my songs, it still wasn't loud enough. not to mention the attention spans were that of a hummingbird on crack. but its okay, i understand, because the fire poi dancer chick was up immediately after me. but my brother stayed for the whole show ;)

and yeah, my throat is KILLING me this morning.

i also remember wanting to find somewhere to play my guitar, just for the sake of playing, so i stumbled downstairs and into the garage and plopped down in the middle of a circle of people smoking some, uh.. stuff... some random girl shouted "you're AUBREY! jessies SISTER! and you're TWENTY EIGHT! which isn't OLD! and i REMEMBER THINGS!" they begged me to play something they all knew. naturally, 99% of the stuff i do know, is random stuff. so i perused through what i thought i could remember to play. i DID get a great group singalong to Better Than Ezra's "good". (well, during the chorus, anyway) i was quite pleased by this. lol - 10 people grinning and bobbing heads along to my singing, bouncing fingers leading to the chorus, where they all jump in excitedly "aw aw! it was goooood, a livin with you, aw aw!"

favorite quotes of the night include something overheard in a high pitched voice that carried over the din of the balcony above "i fall on hannah, cuz i DRINK too much!" and another when we were all watching the fire poi dancer chick, all in quiet awe, and some guy up front said like a 5 year old boy "is this really happening?!?"

overall, i guess i had fun. i left my poor brother there, completely passed out after downing some 151. yeah, in retrospect, i feel kinda bad for it. but i remember wanting to go home: it was 3 am, i was cold, it was suddenly bright in there, everyone else was leaving, and i wanted a cookie (not really. it just completes the sentence well.) i tried to wake him up. i tried. i did everything but pick his ass up or drag him down the stairs by his arm or leg. everyone was telling me "megan is spending the night, so it's okay!" i hope it was, and i hope he gets home alright. knowing my brother, he'll be fine.

so i wake up this morning, FREEZING. i'm still freezing. i feel like i haven't been warm in longer than i can remember. my eyeliner on one side is smudged onto my cheekbone, but dayum, my lips still look good. maybe i'll leave them that way for work.

i forgot that i have zero creamer in the house, so no coffee for aubrey until she gets her ass dressed for work and goes and gets some. maybe i'll walk to chevron. the idea of moving at all does not please me. and what is WRONG with my knee? and why the freaking hell do they even NEED me there at 11 freaking am? oh, right. cuz all their other cashiers quit. gotcha. so many people have quit there since i started working there only a month ago (only one cuz of management, though, which kinda surprises me.. the others were family, military, and school).. we've lost kyla, gavin, tom, lindsey, lena, julia, (*pauses as mom says in her deep sleep 'ooh, water.."*), and stan is leaving next week. i also saw aaron's name scritched off the schedule pad yesterday, along with kyla's, so maybe he quit, too? i have no freaking clue as to who aaron is, or if i've even met him. *shrug* but yeah, office max is definitely hiring. just not family members of current employees *grumble*

okay, now i'm just rambling. i know i have other things i wanna share, but i'll get to them later. maybe.

wish me luck for getting through work.

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have you ever been away from your bedroom?
are you living in a daze? does it seem so?
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