September 30th, 2003

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gooooooood morning.

sew tie urd.
sofa king tie urd.

i hardly slept at all... jess colored my hair with leftover goo from his (a daaaark brown, so my hair at least LOOKS somewhat all one color now, instead of three) hair dying (maybe now we look more related?), which was an experience in itself. hilarity ensued, for sure. i remember trying to look up enough to catch Third Watch on t.v. as he was accidentally glopping stuff on the back of my neck and all over my ears. mmmmm... methinks i'll wear my hair downish for a few days.

weird mixed up dreams, when i actually did sleep. i remembered either being Kevin James in King of Queens, or working at UPS beside him or something (that was the last thing i watched before i rolled over to go to sleep at like 1 am).. just repetitive... stacking... of boxes... and looking worriedly at my watch the entire time, because even in my dream, i was terrified that i had slept through my alarm.

as i was making my coffee this morning (extra spicay - i want my coffee strong enough to SALUTE me this morning!), i chuckled at my idiot question last night:

as we were watching King of Queens, i actually asked mom where that show was supposed to take place. i had thought the city looked kind of like Chicago.

erm, yeah.


it looks like i'm also going to the Arnada tonight. maybe i should take a pair of jeans to change into, and possibly wear them at Michaels today. we'll see if there's any room left in my messenger bag. and i have NO idea if that thing will fit into my locker at office max. we'll see.

coffay is done.

maybe we could even get together
maybe you could break my heart next summer
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disco star

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and thank you all for your well wishes for our father.

we'll keep you updated as we know things, though since i'm working for 15 hours today, brosely will prolly have the first word on anything.

as long as i don't get The Call while i'm at work today *shudder*

and i'm running late. bah. stupid time anyhow.