October 3rd, 2003

disco star

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mmm.. 645 am. time to toss my clothes on and get my ass to work.

i hope i have time to get the largest cup of coffee on the face of the planet and something to inhale.

i'm hungry.

if public transit didn't take so freaking long, i could have a lil more time to work with, and wouldn't have to leave home an hour before my shift, just to MAYBE make it there in time.

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disco star

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okay, maybe i DON'T have tomorrow off.

but at least, it's self inflicted.

i offered to work at Michaels tomorrow. which is fine. i would so much rather stock Christmas ornaments for 4 or 5 hours than to stand behind a register and ring idiotically overpriced office supplies for even 3.

nothing to tell about today, really. got paid more than i thought i was going to. geez, was that just this morning? it seems so long ago. i think i'm going to have nightmares about cherubs, i will. they will come two by two, all golden or tarnished copper, to surround me and beat me senseless in my dreams with their long, sinewy horns. day started with "can you just put these away real quick?"... less than an hour before my shift ENDED, i finally packed the last overstock box of unbending, evil cherubs, and got to move on to frightening little decorative stockings to garnish your trees with.

office max was, of course, hour after hour of endless "did you find everything okay today?"s and "thank you, have a great weekend!"s. we all had fun, though.

but i need to change into my pajamas so that i can go to bed and begin anew tomorrow.