October 6th, 2003

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i wish a zillion times over that i could call in sick today, and stay home, feel sorry for my aching, snotty, sneezing, itchy self and play everquest or take nap after nap, but noooOOOOoooo.

i'm so fucking miserable right now. i wish my cloggy-ness could carry over into my font, so that you could hear how horrid i sound. reminds me of old Garfield(tm) cartoons i read as a kid, where he would like "i'b gettig a head code." and it SUCKS standing behind my register and ringing person after person for HOURS and hoping that snot doesn't run down my face, and not knowing the etiquette of stopping between customers to empty my snot locker on a piece of driftwood (at least, that's what the toilet paper there FEELS like..)... i mean, would they be more offended if i blow my nose then toss out the toilet paper and touch everything of theirs, or would they be more offended if i stand there and sniff loudly with every single inhale?!?

i guess that i would call in sick, cuz i AM bona fide sick, not the "well, i think i'm coming down wiht something, so..." that i sometimes call in sick for, but... well, i got wrote up for being late yesterday, cuz we're allowed to have 5 tardies in a year (*cough* yesterday made nine *ahem*), so i'm sure that they wouldn't appreciate my calling in sick right on the bootheels of that. i wonder how many absences i'm allowed? i hate my head.

so, i'm scheduled to work from 3 to close tonight (1030 if i'm lucky), then tomorrow at 8 a.m. to 230 at michaels, 3 to close at office max.

then i have two glorious days OFF.

and i'm freezing.

i want soup and a nap. and i just woke up.
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