October 7th, 2003

disco star

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i'm sick, pms'ed, exhausted, upset, PISSED, and itchy.

i now get to go work both my jobs back to back until 11 freaking p.m. tonight on less than an hour's sleep.

i'm not fucking pleased.

and i'm sick of crying.

and i'm fucking cold.
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    upset, angry, exhausted
disco star

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and today is my step dad's birthday.

yes, the one that had the massive heart attack.

i don't even know if he's home yet. and i wont be home all day, so i certainly can't call.

hopefully mom and/or jess make an attempt and give him my luv.
disco star

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okay, start running now, so that you can avoid joke after horrid joke of 'total recall'...

s... yeeeah.

so arnold swartzenegger, or howeverthefuckyouspellhisname is now the governor of california. i cant even HEAR the state's name pronounced the old correct way, because of the zillions of times they've played either ahnold saying it, or others imitating him saying it.

and something tells me that ahnold impersonations are going to be just as 'in' as beevis and butthead impersonations were a decadeish ago. and just as annoying.

but i'm tired and dirty and coated in glitter (from 7 hours of Christmas ornament unpacking and stocking), so i'm going to take a shower and go to bed.

mmmm.. sleeep... i hooooope...