October 9th, 2003

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a nice long day of nothing.

- i slept until noon thirty. very soundly, i may add.

- i watched daytime television and drank my coffee.

- i walked to the post office and picked up my mail (i got 4 more books from sci fi book club, including the latest from Terry Goodkind, although i haven't paid them since i left phoenix. i think that made about 12 books they've sent me, maybe more?)

- got DRENCHED in a sudden downpour on the way back home.

- outfitted and played my new beastlord Vah Shir, Vispa, all the way to whopping level 3, got my lvl 12 druid, Meriamele, into the same guild that my lvl 6 enchanter, Hylissa, is in.

- played Final Fantasy II all the way up until where i'm currently camped, which is in the Baron waterways, right before i kill off Palom and Porom.

am now getting ready to get ready for bed, brush my teeth, turn out the light, and sleep soooundly (hopefully) so that i can try to accomplish something tomorrow. maybe. still want to go with my brother to see Pirates of the Caribbean again. *nod* maybe i'll drag him tomorrow.

need to get with faetal and do my application for the townhome. maybe friday after i get off work at michaels (and pick up my paycheck so i have the $40 app fee?)

i had a dream last night that i lost a tooth. just like with all the other times, it means that change is on the horizon. my last dream of losing my teeth was before my sudden move here. course, this dream was one or two teeth only, not the entire mouth. maybe the change will not be so bad.

either way, i'm sleepy.

hope you all had a good day.
disco star

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woke up this morning, FUH REEZING.

remembered the weather dood said last night that we'll be LUCKY to hit 60 degrees today.

looked at my weather pixies for here and phoenix.

do you realize, it's about HALF the temperature here that is is there?!?

and mom hates using heaters, because of her menopausal hot flashes.

oooh, how i wish i had my own room, where i could make it a nice 80 degrees 24/7.

big thunderstorm blowing into the area, and i, being the stupid poopie i am, am going to commence sitting here and tapping away at my computer.

unless the power goes out.

then maybe i'll light candles and have a mini open mic for the family like i did when the electricity went out for an hour when i first moved here.

oh, and i got mom sick.
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