October 17th, 2003

disco star

you make me tingle, Fingel. are you single? gimme a jingle.

okee, i made it in tact (i say as i scrape the hell out of my big toe on the desk corner! frikkin ouch!), i'm here in dallas! the weather is PERFECTLY beautiful, like 75 or so degrees and breezy. *swoon* i'm perfectly at home with my sweaters and no coat :D

trip was uneventful, but i bought a honest-to-God journal in Denver, which i've been writing stuff as they come to mind. maybe i'll copy and post the things in aubreystar, maybe not. we'll see how things go when i get home :)

had a GREAT time tonight, we went to Sambuca's for din din, where i had tiger pasta (which was striped pasta, like a big envelope of it, filled with crab, lobster, and scallops), and creme brule to DIE for. i told joe and glenn that if anyone ever took me on a date to a place like that, with the sexy live jazz music and the sensuous food, that they would SO get lucky. eGADS, it was good.

we then went to Memphis, where we just poked our heads in and then decided to leave to go somewhere else. that was when i discovered something sad:

i did not have my i.d. on me ANYWHERE.

so, we drove the half hour drive back home to get my i.d. justincase, when i discovered something even worse: no i.d. ANYWHERE. not in the back pocket of the jeans i wore here yesterday, where i saw it last. not in the bag that i SWEAR i remember plopping it in when i removed it from my back pocket when preparing to change into my pajamas. not in my other bag, not in the bathroom, not accidentally tied up in my blankets on my bed. no. where.


i tear apart the bedroom, my bags, my clothes, my bed (again), the bathroom. i scour the floor between the bedroom and bathroom, thinking maybe i dropped it. i comandeer joe and glenn into helping me.

45 min later, glenn finally finds it in the couch cushions. what the hell?!? i didnt' even SIT on the couch last night! i'm so confused.

but at least i'm not stuck in dallas. although part of me was looking forward to calling work on monday and informing them i was stuck in texas.

and one of you have been on my mind since i've been here. is it a crush? possibly. possibly not. certainly someone that fascinates the hell out of me, someone who's brain i've been dying to pick more, but i haven't had the opportunity. maybe you know who you are, and maybe you don't. maybe you know, and avoid me, because i frighten you. maybe you feel the same, but have no clue as to my intentions.

hell, IIII have no clue as to my intentions. i just know that you fascinate me. so neener. and i certainly have no idea why you're popping in my head here, and now. cuz YOU are certainly not here.

i'll shaddup now and continue drinking this concoction that glenn made me of apple cider and tequila. which they say i'm not inhaling fast enough.

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disco star

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i can tell i'm in gayville, cuz i SO want to hear MORE Erasure. *dances and sways with the music*

so they get me liquored up and want to take me dancing? schah. carry me? pweeze?


ooh, joey's putting in more Erasure! woo! *drinks more applequila* wooo!

glenn is joey's boyfriend. he's from australia. he is fun. he says funny things. i told him that i want to have his accent down pat by the time i get home. quotes so far:

"ooh, joe, this says "turn off", what does it do? oops, i turned it off!"
"she'll be apples!"
*drinks more applequila*
and there's more, but i can't think of them now, i'll get back to you later.

you know? people really should be grounded from their journals while drinking tequila.

we were falling in love with others
looking out for others
our sisters and our brothers
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