October 29th, 2003

disco star

great news.


yeah. i'm moving in. everything is 95% approved, all i have to do is wait for the receipt for the payment i'm mailing in today, and take a copy into Kristy in the office, and we're good as gold.

woo freaking hoo.


i only have about a month left of sleeping on a flea-ridden living room floor :) i get to have my own ROOOOOM! *dies one happy kitten*

speaking of kittens... Fluffy is still acting.. weird.. since her spaying, she's been hiding constantly, and the couple of times she hasn't been hiding, she's been mrowring at the top of her lungs, but won't eat and won't let any of us near her?

*pauses to pick a flea off her arm and flick it away*

i close at office max today, work mike's from 8 - 3 tomorrow, and then friday both jobs, 8 am to 1030 or so. still have no halloween costume, still have no money/time to get one. i don't really want to be an office max worker for halloween, but it seems to be *stops typing to scratch angrily on her arm where that flea bit her* the logical choice. i mean, we can't wear costumes to work, so i'll already be wearing it when i leave, and i sorta had a costume, but it's back in phoenix with the remainder of my stuff.

and i'm having a freaking ALLERGY attack. i haven't had one in as long as i can freaking remember. i took a claritin (because for some reason, flonase doesn't help me when i'm already in the throes of an itching, snotty mess...)

ooh,and my DREAM last night! all star cast.. i was working at burger king, but i had to work at a different store for a shift, cuz they needed the coverage. *stops to itch her arm again* so someone was driving me, and we kept hitting all these weird dead end stops that were overlooking water. lots of driving. i finally got there, and discovered that Kevin Bacon was my boss. *itches again* as soon as he found out i could sing, he kept me prisoner and wouldn't let me go. *glares at her arm as she picks up yet another flea from her arm and flicks it away.. and then yet another* he threw me into his mansion, where i discovered that other people were also part of his 'collection', such as Wil Smith, Gene Wilder, Neve Campbell i think was there.. maybe Kevin James, Ryan Stiles, and Mr. Edwards from Little House and the Prairie. after we did our time, we were all packed into little *itches again* plastic cases that were shaped like us, and tucked into a suitcase. i remember the rooms being very bright, vivid colors, like the bedroom, which was empty of any furniture was a very bright red-orange, the bathroom a bright blue (the size of the TUB!)

talking is just masterbating without the mess..
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