October 30th, 2003

disco star

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i was in a decently good mood all day, work went fairly well and quickly, there was actually food to eat when i got home.

the thing that did NOT make me happy is that our long-distance has been temporarily taken away, meaning that my internet has been taken away. this should be restored to us in approximately one week. (long story why this is so.) i can update my journal and such from my brother's computer, but i can't get email and stuff until about this time next week. this does not make aubrey a happy camper. because of how much spam i receive in one day, my inbox should overload itself in approximately 2 days.

watched thee final episode ever of dawson's creek today with brosely... it was quite.. confusing..

but not as confusing as the movie that's currently playing on my brother's tv.. small soldiers, maybe? toy soldiers trying to kill Kirsten Dunst and phil hartman and jay mohr and the guy that plays danny on Just Shoot Me?

anyhoo. i have to wake at 6 am tomorrow to work, and i'm freezing, so i'm going to bed now.

see yous laters.
disco star

(no subject)

so, what's everyone doing tomorrow night? (regardless as to whether or not you live near me...)

work went well, i am being scheduled for many more hours at michaels, which is a good sign, and the manager asked me if i could do more. i temporarily declined, due to my insistance of holding on to at least a BIT of my sanity.

freaking COLD today. currently 48 degrees, with a pumpkin floating in the sky, according to my weather pixie. i should go outside and check that out. they say that a cold front is coming in soon. and here myself and my erect nipples thought that we were already smack dab in the middle of it.

and i noticed something different about the hills today: there's SNOW up in them thar hills. i find this odd, seeing as i'm not USED to snow, for one. but for another, i'm used to them thar hills being diahrea brown, except the winter, when they become a greenish diahrea brown.

dreading working both my jobs tomorrow, but rest assured, i shall be inhaling caffeine by the bucketloads so that i may be at least a BIT bright eyed and bushy tailed for the party AFTER work(s).

who all's going to Hannah's?
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