November 19th, 2003

disco star

the weather outside is frightful...


this is miraculous for me, because of the fact that i have seen a few flakes here and there only twice in the last EIGHT years...

it's currently coming down in gigantic clumps. unfortunately, it's also coupled with rain, so no sticking most likely. they siad that it was 53 degrees at like 5 this morning, and that it dropped 20 degrees in like 20 min, that they never saw this coming. they had forecast snow for like friday or saturday, but certainly not this early.



some of the clumps are almost the size of my palm.

*watches more of the interrupting news alerts*

i'm certain that by the time i go to work, it will be one massively gooey mess, and i'll be walking to work in not pretty snow, but cold, pouring rain.

but for now..


And the rain falls down and hits the ground
Make the proper things and you'll find
Like this bird on the scene
You can do anything...
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disco star

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home from work.


not as bad as usual, but GEEZ, there were a lot of freaking WEIRDOS. holy moly, were there. and note to self? yeah. when people are acting weird and psycho, never joke around with it to a customer that seems completely normal. they are GUARANTEED to go psycho on you some time before the conversation is over.

and yeah, as soon as i made the 'yay for winter!' post, our phone line died, so i have no phone service, and thusly, no personal internet until further notice.

bah, humbug.

booo. hisss.