November 20th, 2003

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i'm beginning to feel almost as if my brother, brosely, and i are in the midst of this big game of Relay Rat Race. he comes home, and it's practically as if he shouts "TAG!" and gives me a high five and a grin, a snap, and a wink, as i pick up the torch and run off to another joy of money for just over minimum wage.

it especially feels like this on days like today, where he passes the torch to me (he just got home from work, and i leave in approx. 15 min.), and mom's boyfriend drops him off at work literally en route to picking me up from my second job.

it's good to know that between the two of us, we have 24 hours of work completely covered.

i just wish that i didn't have to cover 2/3 of it. well, not that i would wish Double Retail Duty on anyone, ESPECIALLY this time of the year.

i guess i'm just feeling weary.


and hungry, apparantly. or so my stomach just shouted to me. actually, it was more like an angry grumbly growl with a whistle at the end.

talk to you all laters. hopefully, my own personal onlineness will be back on by the time i get home today.

and i'm watching...
...Geraldo on t.v.
and i'm thinking...
..about you and me
about you and me
cuz you talk too much
and you say too little
you think too hard
you begin to tremble..
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    Better Than Ezra - Tremble