November 28th, 2003

disco star

Black Friday Morning

Roll away, everything that's tripping up your life
You're not alone
Seize the day, go and solve the question in your mind
Will love be found

Time to be - all the things that you've dreamed of
Time to see - if the fairytale comes true
Time to see - if there's a shoulder you can lean on
Time to be - cause now it's time for you

Diving in, falling forward thawing out a heart
That was left so cold
Try again, never looking back at the false starts
With faith so bold

And everything is new
More and more you'll find
Strength and peace of mind
I just had to be the one to tell you how

Time to be - all the things that you've dreamed of
Time to see - if the fairytale comes true
Time to see - if there's a shoulder you can lean on
time to be - cause now it's time for you

i woke up this morning, the remnants of a dream where this song played repeatedly as the soundtrack causing the song to go through my head as i stumbled blindly to the bathroom.

weird that such a positive, happy song played the background music to a dream where i was repeatedly stocking things on a shelf, just to have them disappear immediately after, and i would have to search for where i could find more, all while customers were all clamboring for my attention.

for two nights now, i've been having dreams of retail hell.

yes, folks, today is known to retail workers world wide as Black Friday. thee worst day of the year to even THINK of working retail.

and i get to work two full time shifts of them! weeee! *does a mock dance-o-joy* then get very little sleep and get up and do it all over again! and then once more! woooo!

i.. am terrified.

so i wake up this morning before my alarm even goes off (a miracle in itself, but understandable as i had a bursting bladder.) and see my horriblescope in my inbox that says:

"This would be the moment to say yes, AUBREY. Say yes to your destiny. You are a little frustrated because things have not been moving forward as you want. But now that opportunities are coming your way, you find yourself holding things up. Come, come. You are just afraid, that's all. But rather than let your fear overtake you, transform its energy to work to your advantage."


so you mean to tell me that my destiny lies in slaving in two retail jobs for idiot customers that love to believe that they're better than me. well, poo on them.

had a great thanksgiving, at a gigantos meal with mom, then went to faetal's (my) apartment for an even more gigantoser meal, a couple round of hoopla, and pumpkin cheesecake. i have officially started moving in. okay, so it consisted of 4 grocery bags and Rufus, my guitar, but it's a start. andrea said something about calling her around noon on monday to finish moving. i told her that after my 3 days of working 16 hours on my feet a day and getting zero sleep, that moving will be thee last concern first thing on monday morning, no matter how excited i am to move (and i am!)

i also see i lost a few friends over the holiday. *shrug* being as busy as i have been lately, i find myself identifying myself less and less with livejournal. granted, i'll most likely never leave, but i find myself... distanced, i guess. maybe i'll come back at a fanatical pace after i get out and set up on cable internet, but we'll see.. ;)

in the meantime, email me your addresses, if you haven't done so yet, to!

*note/update: i realize now that today isn't known as Black Friday WORLDWIDE, as the u.s. is the only place that celebrated thanksgiving yesterday. anyone on my list from canada or elsewhere, is there a day of the year that you guys have that is a zillion times worse than any other shopping day due to the impending holidays?
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