December 1st, 2003

disco star

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so i called in sick to work today so that i can pack and get moved in the next day or two. may call in sick to michaels as well tomorrow morning, so i can actually MOVE the stuff.

slept WELL. weird dreams. weird weird dreams. and i'll just leave it at that.

my mommy needs to use the phone now.

aunt redna came for her angry visit today.

i died in everquest several times with my paladin and my shaman.

i'm packing now.

love yous.
disco star

(no subject)

in case anyone wonders where i got my new aim screen name, i wanted something wierd, and for some reason, 'squeezy cheese' came to mind. but i wanted it to be something that someone could associate with me easily, so it was going to be 'squeezycheezyaubrey', but i ran out of room at 'aub'.

it was only later that i realized where squeezy cheeze came from:

"you get a lifetime supply of SQUEEZY CHEESE! for the almost-cheese-but-not-quite-food-in-a-bottle, it's SQUEEZY CHEESE!"

or maybe it was 'almost food but not quite, cheese in a bottle...'

but the words were uttered by Dot Warner.

and who all will i see at brosely's bday party this weekend? and will you be a pirate or ninja?