December 7th, 2003

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happiest birthday wishes ever to brosely!!!

fun was had last night... people were met. i took johnny depp home with me.

i shall give more details later, there is much to tell (nothing magical, though. *sigh*), but for now? i wish to take a nap before having to get up and get ready for the Office Max Christmas Party Spooky Spectacular.
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obligatory post about last night's festivities..

so, i don't have a costume. i forget that i live with Wonder Andrea, who can pull a decorated cake out of her ass at the last possible second that it's needed, and with no prior knowledge of needing said cake, practically.

she takes some construction paper and puts two empty toilet paper rolls end to end and wraps it in the brown paper. viola! nunchucks! she puts some rather asian looking hair sticks in a messy bun! i find a black bandana, and she pins it around my face like a veil! whee!

i felt very.. awkward at the party at first, much like any other party i go to. most people that go to these parties have known each other practically their whole party lives, then there's... me.

as the night went on, and my brother force fed me a 40 oz. of 211, i had great fun. maybe that's the secret to these parties, you get completely wasted, then end up on the hallway floor with Johnny Depp across your lap.

don't i wish.

but anyhoo... jess got several cool presents, including about $100 from people on the Get Jessie a Tattoo Fund, a stein like mug, a "kiss me, i'm a pirate!" tshirt, and a huge honkin cardboard display ganked from a Pirates of the Caribbean display somewhere.

which is how i ended up bringing Johnny Depp home with me. see? not that exciting.

in my drunken height at the party, i picked up the display and told my brother, who at this time was stripping on the couch (to put on his tshirt, you goons) that i was kidnapping it until further notice. i then for some reason felt the burning need to carry it all over the house with me wherever i went, finally stopping in the downstairs hallway, sitting on the floor with it across my lap. whenever someone would walk by, they would stop from their deep drunken conversations with whomever they were walking with.. "omg.. and then the pinecone, the PINECONE! it said stop! so i HAD to... OMG THAT IS A GREAT FUCKING MOVIE! BAD! ASS! so anyways, after the kangaroo schlupped the tire frame..."

i remember for some reason i would always respond by saying "yes, i know... i love him greatly" as i would pet Johnny's face.

i thought i was being very... sneaky... taking that out with me, but how freaking sneaky can one be with a giant cardboard display? i also in retrospect remember a zillion people stopping me and either giving me the 'rad movie, man!' comment, or asking me 'what the HELL are you doing with that??' "i'm kidnapping it from my brother. shush." 'oh. so, then, plaid is such an odd smell, doncha think...'

officially officially met macmanchad, who had this to say about me. i find this greatly amusing. SEE? SEE? I AM SHY IN RL! I TOLD YOU SO! *hides*

so i remember vaguely a drunken almost sicken drive home in the backseat of antialias's car... stumbling in the front door, dragging myself upstairs, somehow trying to concentrate SO HARD to undo the various buttons, pins, whirls, and doohickeys on my costume, squinting reeeally close to the floor to find my pajamas, then dropping into bed.

i opened my eyes this morning at 930, zero dreams, just black, black, solid sleep.



so i spent the day in my pajamas playing sickened everquest. a guildie PL'ed my bard, Aiisha, to 14. whee. i'm convinced my poor roomie thinks i'm a horrible lazy slacker.

and now i sit here, waiting for word as to whether or not i'm going to go to the Christmas party. i guess they got slammed, so my ride doesn't know if they'll be out of there before 8 or not, and if she's out after then, she's not going.

part of me shrugs thinking i would be happy kicking back here tonight, the other part wishes i would have scrapped it completely and gone out with my brother.

they had not been on the ship three weeks
im sure it was not four
when there came a leak, in the bottom of the ship
and sank them for to rise no more

*disclaimer: before you all think that i was all weird and psycho over mr. depp in my drunken state, please note that everything i was saying/doing to the picture was covered in sarcasm. and i wasn't doing anything to it, you pervert, just carrying it around.
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so THAT had to be thee fastest Company Christmas Party ever.

granted, because someone that closed tonight was my ride, so we were an hour late, but still...

i got home at 930. left at about 8.

favorite comment of the night:

Susan is playing pool against Ricky.
Susan is trying to set up the shot and call it.
Ricky starts razzing her and trying to psyche her up to miss it.
Susan says "don't worry, Ricky, i won't kiss your ball!"
Store Manager Scott says loudly "i wouldn't say that too loudly, susan, this is a family company party after all...."

i didn't think the guy had it in him.

course, you would probably need to know scott, susan, and ricky to be entertained by this.

so i'll just start spurting out inside jokes that no one will get:

"ya know Franklin? he just got the hay out of his toupee! still trying to jangle that stuff, though! ha ha ha!"