December 9th, 2003

disco star

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home from work for the day.

*happy gigantos sigh*

just met the neighbor. or the neighbor's dog, rather. i go to check the mail, and i hear "daisy! DAISY! ma'am, she's gonna follow you home!" i realize she's talking to me, so i turn around to look.

i see a rather large hound run up and immediately sticks it's nose in my cooter area.

i say "well, hello there! yes, i'm a girl, too!" the owner explains that she's trying to be off the leash for the first time, so things are a bit shaky. i say that it's okay, take off my glove and pet Daisy. Daisy becomes my immediate best friend, hugging up to me and licking my hand all over.

so that's my adventure of the day.

the end.

maybe i'll post more later...

yet another thing that i didn't know..
why is it seemingly so...
beyond me?
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disco star

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you know that you haven't played your guitar in a long time when:

1) you strum 3 chords and your fingertips are already killing you.

2) you think your guitar is in tune, but when you pull out your tuner, you discover that all the strings have just detuned to the same degree.

3) are those.. *gasp* cobwebs? (not really. okay, really. but only on the outside.)

4) what the hell happened to all my guitar pics?!?

i must build up my callouses from scratch again, apparantly. curses.

You can be a tom cruise and make a big scene
Or be like macgyver and cut it clean. either way
There’s gonna be blood on the floor when you tell her
That you don’t dig girls anymore...
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