December 11th, 2003

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finally home!


okay, fine, so i got home at about 1145. sucky sucky. long freaking day, filled with hundreds upon hundreds of angry Christmas shoppers.

e freaking gads.

i hardly drink, but even IIII came home tonight and poured me a captain's and coke. yummy. liver damage is my favorite. my bosses think i'm joking when i tell them that i think i'll become a raging alcoholic, but only until the holidays are over.


okay, so i'm joking.

i so wish i could find my little disk thingie with all my lj icons on there. i'm missing so many, and it angers me greatly. well, not even angers, but certainly saddens.

lost more lj friends today. i'm concerned as to where atariprincess went.

and happy birthday, aubbieincognito!!!

i so need to do my Christmas cards, but i also have NO clue as to where my address book is. seems nothinganything was right on that one.


*sips drink*

whew. seems i've made this a bit strong. meh? no workie tomorrow morning. just sleepie.

turn summer trees to bones and ice
turn insect songs against the night
with words we build, and words we break
i'm drunk, drunk, drunk in the gardens and the graves...

*edit: i think i made our rdinks too strong. herrrr. and i need to peeee. makes for fun giggly game playing though. not the pee part.
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i woke up this morning, and have spent my entire day, wondering why my digestive system suddenly hates me so.

i so don't wanna work today. moreso, i so don't want to work both jobs tomorrow.

i MIGHT be up for some galavanting afterwards, though. i usually get home around 1030 ish, so if anyone is bored or has any ideas.. (and transportation, something i sorely lack..)
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and nasagirl reminded me of something i've been planning on doing, posting links to what i was doing a year and two years ago.


December 10, 2002 (notice the dream i had mentioned?)
December 11, 2002


December 6, 2001 (i hadn't had online access back in 2001, so my post about my nasal surgery was the closest i could come..)

so, seeing as december 11th last year, i posted my year-in-review (ironically, i had been meaning to find that post, and found it easily by pulling it up exactly one year later...), i shall update with my life once again:

Accomplishments from a Kabob in the Year 2003

i was single the entire year.
i spent my birthday in Mexico on the beach.
i quit drinking completely from October 2002 until said birthday in March.
i met two guys in phoenix that made me realize that all men aren't as evil as i had begun to think. (thank you, Chris and Brian)
i came to terms with something severe that happened to me in my past, and began to heal.
i made thee hardest decision i have ever made in my life, and left my life in phoenix, after 8 years, behind.
i put on an undisclosed amount of weight, which i am now successfully getting rid of.
i renewed my relationship with my brother and my mother.
by taking a step back because of my move, i have made myself a stronger, more understanding person.
i've kissed 3 boys, two of which were gay.
i've kissed 2 girls.
i am now more comfortable on stage.
i now know that i can actually handle the 'stress' of playing.. by myself... on a lit stage in front of a lot of people.
i remember again what it was like when i was 18 (no car, living with my mommy, part time retail job.. all i'm missing is acne.)

i can't think of anything else at the moment, i'm fuhreezing and need to get ready for work. i'm also slightly decaffeinated.
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yay! i magically seem to have next weekend off!

okay, not the WHOLE weekend, but certainly all day saturday, which means i can do something on FRIDAY, as well as SATURDAY. weeee doggie.

not that i'm a big party monger or frequently go out on nights where i have the next day off anyways, but ahm jist sayin..

i'm quite happy to see that i don't have to work this sunday until noon, instead of doing 10 am to close, like i normally do. that means i can stay up late(ish) this saturday, too, which i'm happy about.

yay for management liking me.

i need to sleep, now, though, cuz i must work both jobs tomorrow. argh.

so, yeah, this post had pretty much no point.