December 13th, 2003

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and tired and weary.

and a bit sad, but i dunno why. maybe it's working so freaking much and constantly dealing with evil Christmas shopping idiots swathed in knitted green and red sweaters with dancing lights embedded into the tree on the front and also donning the dangly Rudolf earrings, while a cacophony of screaming and crying children battle for my eardrums along with the same freaking Christmas songs i've heard 40 times today? doesn't help that i've had no more than 6 hours of sleep a night since *thinks* last monday?

i also don't have a day off until NEXT saturday. tonight off, and tuesday off, but that's it. unless you count tomorrow night cuz office max closes at six.

i know, i know. Aubrey, it will all be over after Christmas. you'll get some beloved time off then, we promise.

i always want to come home and DRINK. i don't, of course. okay, well i did twice this week, but it was just a teensy drink. and i shared with my roomies.

all day long, i daydreamed about coming home, taking a shower, curling up in DRY pajamas (i got drenched on the walk to work + each time i tried stepping outside today, so DRY is my ultimate goal..) ... maybe read my book. i'm starving for more Jordan again. it's to the point in the book, where you're thinking "egads, i have to get home! Egwene ran into Gawyn in the street! whatever will happen! eeeeee! and where is Lan? and where the hell is Min? DETAILS!!!" *dies*

and no, i don't want any spoilers. so shush.

i'm going to go make rice now. i'm craving rice.

*drools from tiredness*
disco star

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so, once upon a time, there was this simpleton. now, this simpleton was simple in every convenient way, but he had a secret. this secret was that he could chew caramel at an alarming rate. yes, folks, that means that he had the jowls of a gorilla. if that gorilla was to have had jaws like a croc.


so said simpleton wore shoes. he would wear them to shows, to the theatre, wherever had a dark recess to where he could wear his shoes and sit in the back to chomp gaily at a handful of caramels.