December 15th, 2003

disco star

(no subject)

anyone on neopets?

anyone looking for a guild?

well, look no further!

i was just going to shut the guild down, but now that i have a faster computer, i so don't want to. i want my baby to LIVE, darnit! *shakes fist in fury*

i also may buy my harddrive tonight. office max has one on sale for $59 after rebates, 120 gig. it would be $109 tonight, and i haven't had time/transpo to spend any of my money, so it seems that would be as good a thing as any to spend my moula on. plus i have an entire paycheck i haven't even cashed yet, plus i have another payday in a couple of days.

i guess working so freaking much has it's slight benefits.

i hate not having a car, though. i'm restricted to my holiday shopping to mainly only michaels and office max. so, would you like the regular paper clips, or the red, white, and blue ones?