December 17th, 2003

disco star

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i knew something was amiss when i woke up this morning.

it was full dead on daylight.


i thought to myself "self? this is certainly not good."

i forgot to set my alarm last night. i was dinking around with it last night, and i.. well, i SET it, but i sorta didn't turn it ON.

so i call michaels.

"happy holidays, this is michaels."
"it's aubrey!"
"oh, hi!"
"my alarm didn't go off."
"oh, okay, we were wondering where you were, cuz no one had seen you yet!"
"i'm SO SORRY. i will be leaving here in like 5 min, and it's a half hour walk, so i'll be there as soon as possible."
"okay, hun, we'll see you then!"

*yet again proof positive that michaels is a bit more relaxed than office max..*

a few min later...

*phone rings*
"aubrey? this is sonia."
"no problem, i have faith here, she wants to know if you would like a ride, cuz she would be happy to come get you!"


"um.. sure!"

so the manager is coming to get me so that i don't have to walk outside in the cold rain. when they had called me back, i was convinced they were telling me to not even freaking bother.

hee hee.

but i must finish getting ready. brushing hair is good.