January 1st, 2004

disco star

happiest of newest years!

the snow had almost completely melted when we came home last night. after becoming soaked and frozen on my way to work yesterday morning, i was DONE with the white stuff ;)

woke up this morning, rolled over and looked out the window.

it was snowing.

i sit upright, looking in awe, as the branches had SEVERAL inches on it. i giggled as i saw my first red breasted 'robin of spring' sitting on a branch, tummy fat with red feathers. he looked confused.

i came downstairs and looked out the front door as a mass of gigantic flakes were falling from the sky. egads, it's DEEP.

hours later, it's stopped snowing, though from live pictures in portland, looks like they're getting tons of it still, so maybe it's a temporary lull?

the news says we got 6 - 10 inches this morning alone.


i'm so very happy i'm not working until saturday afternoon.

i had ended up going with andrea and joel to gwyn's parents house, where we drank (well, gwyn and i did), ate truckloads of cheese, and played lots of Cranium.

i'm proud to say that i can spell backwards VERY well while drinking. except the word 'bankruptcy' for some reason.

happy new year to you all :)
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disco star

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just taught myself "Judy and the Dream of Horses". what a FUN song.

i wish that we could have gotten around to playing it with The Vacant Stairs.

i miss my band.

it's also sad to say that my voice is hoarse after just a few runs through. i desperately need to sing more.