January 5th, 2004

disco star

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if one year ago today, someone said to me "aubrey? this time? next year? yeah. you're going to find yourself walking for a mile and a half walk... to your work... because you gots no other transportation. oh, and did i mention the fact that it will be 22 degrees outside? yeah. oh, and you work at office max. oh, and a year from tomorrow? you'll enjoy the same walk in approximately 15 degree weather (not including the wind chill factor, naturally), to your OTHER job. at michaels, yup yup yup. oh, and you'll be en route to a nice 17 hour day in retail hell. enjoy the scenic freeway."

i would have laffed. and laffed. and laffed.

i mean, c'mON, how can one's life change so rapidly?

don't answer that.

What is happening to me?
crazy some would say...
Where is the life that I recognize?

.... gone away...
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