January 6th, 2004

disco star

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i have two pairs of pants on.
two pairs of socks on.
three shirts on, one long sleeved (the other my office max polo and under tee).

i have an extra pair of socks to take to work with me.

let's hope that it's enough to keep me warm.

it's currently 15 degrees outside.

they said it's below zero with the wind chill factor, and that there are 50 mph gusts.


i'm scared.
disco star

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welp, i'm home for the day. because of the weather, only myself, the manager, and one other person showed up for michaels. they sent me 'home' at noon.

when i walked next door to office max, they were closing.

so i hung out for a bit, got a ride home...

*happy wistful sigh*

it's so nice not having to work all day, and to be SAFELY home, though i don't want to miss out on the pay...

and i wish i had a car so i could go pick my poor brother up from the airport...
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