January 8th, 2004

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snow day, take III

i'm home again today, and will most likely be tomorrow, too.

we had another pass through of freezing rain last night. andrea and i went on a grand adventure out of the house to get to the street to see how bad it was there. neither her, nor i, had been out of the house at all since i had come home from work early on tuesday.

okay, so it had been a day and a half, but it somehow felt ... longer. but not in a bad way. if that makes any sense.

so, after imbibing in yet more boxed death juice (wine), we went to the street. it took quite a long time, and everything looked so.. alien. much like everything had been hit with a gigantic ice gun, much like the one ah-node weilded in that horrid batman movie.

note to self: when planning on walking in a winter wonderland, aubrey, please don more than just flip flops. your feet WILL get wet. your feet WILL freeze. let this be a lesson to you.

i call to michaels this morning, still no answer. i call to office max, mutter something like 'um.. yeah.. i have like.. the flu or something...'. roxanna actually giggles (!!!), and coos over me and tells me to feel better.

michaels calls me at 130 and asks me to come into work, that they're just now opening the store. O_o i was scheduled to get off at 230, and it would take me about an hour to walk there, which i was so not doing, (call me a weather weenie, but aubrey + ice = notgoodness.) and then another hour back. so i muttered something like 'um.. yeah..i have like... the flu... or something.' sonja grunted "fine. *click*".

i now know that the world is turned on its head by the horrid weather, just by the fact of how my works changed personalities completely with each other.

i shall leave you with the most hilarious statement on t.v. last night, something that was SO from an episode of Zim or the Simpsons:

"we will be bringing you further coverage on the accident down on I-5, but FIRST, we take you to LIVE FOOTAGE of a frozen tree."

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wanna see what it looks like outside? huh? huh? huh?

for those that wish to see what lies out the front door (before i have other pics to post), check out these posts from vancouverwa:

some amazing pictures that show exactly how thick the ice is over everything. quite beautiful, is it not?

they say that it's inevitable that we are hit with a gigantic flood after this melts (especially since it is melting as it rains..), that it will be as bad as the 1996 floods, whatever they were.

my roommate finds it hilarious that i move from arizona of all places, and find myself smack dab in the middle of the worst winter in YEEEEEEAAARS.


so now you get to see what's been crippling the portland area for the entire week.

one of my coworkers at office max told me that it's the worst driving conditions he's ever driven in, when he moved here from michigan.
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how bad is it immediately out our apartment door, you ask?

this might be an inclination.

go ahead, stop by for a visit!

it's like mother nature is laughing heinously at the thought of spring.

barbecue, anyone?

this is where to properly stand if you wish to stalk me.

if it gets dark, we can turn on a light.

it's funny to think of how wonderful and innocent the snow was the first evening it happened.

i think we're all in agreement that it's time for it to be over.

if you wish to look at the other pictures, #1, and then #17 on is from outside our apartment. everything else was taken either at antialias's, or en route to our pad.

enjoy :)