January 11th, 2004

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finally home.

long day at work.

i lied. it flew by, because everyone in Vancouver suddenly said "omg! the sun is out! our banishment into iced over homes is OVER! we must all go out!



and we all must go to OFFICE MAX!"

so, yeah, we were BEYOND slammed. i finally got my lunch at 535 (we close at 6.)...

but tomorrow, other than working open to close, i get to be in the cash office! woo! i get to SIT DOWN after being on my feet all day! woo! and i'm not scheduled as closing cashier once! wooo!

in the meantime, i'm quite tired, and sore. i hadn't realized when i left for work at my normal time today, that there WOULD BE NO SIDEWALKS. what used to be sidewalks was still covered in packed, melting snow and ice, so what normally takes 25 minutes to walk, tops, took AN HOUR.

so, yeah, i was a half hour late to work. the boss actually just chuckled and gave me a hard time, which threw me off. i am used to coming in late and having Scott rip my head off and zap my face with laser beam eyes, not chuckle and pat me on the back.

everything is covered with ice again. well, not fresh ice, but all the water on the ground from the melting stuff froze over. poor mary k. bit it in the parking lot, and as jerry helped her up, alberto and i both almost did a lip skid 'cross the pavement.

so, yeah, i'm greatly looking forward to walking at 530 am tomorrow. argh.

i so need a car.

but in the meantime, i'll settle for a bubble bath and bed.
disco star

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the most random thing ever.,

to be immediately followed by the other most random thing ever.

thanks to ornotmajestic for dragging me in.

songs i've discovered that make me sigh wistfully and melt when i hear the first notes of it:

The Grays - Both Belong
Nickel Creek - This Side
Nickel Creek - Robin and Marian
Owsley - Coming up Roses
Better Than Ezra - Briefly
Better Than Ezra - Live Again
Toad the Wet Sprocket - Something's Always Wrong (especially the acoustic version...)
Flickerstick - Beautiful

songs that immediately fill me with energy and get me excited:

Eve6 - Amphetamines
Sloan - Waiting for Slow Songs
Sloan - Gimme That
Better Than Ezra - Pull
Better Than Ezra - Hung the Moon

songs that make me feel sexy for some reason:

Duran Duran - Come Undone
Better Than Ezra - New Kind of Low B) Coma

songs that immediately make me dance:

Better Than Ezra - Use Me
Better Than Ezra - Ezra Pound
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
most Eve6 songs from Horrorscope

i know that there's others, but i can't think of them at the moment.. i'll add them as i think of more...

all the time,
a loss.
black like you were blessed,
i was sobered blind.
let you take me there
and laughed loud when you found
i was devoured. devoured.
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