January 23rd, 2004


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sorry i haven't been around much in htere lately, i've been sort of antisocial overall.

been working lots, per usual.

things happened today, weird things, though i may not get into it until tomorrow when i've had sleep.

started my office max shift out today (worked both jobs), feeling fairly chipper and not tired at all.

came home feeling fairly depressed. maybe the rain is finally getting to me.

i had planned on talking to people online and cheering myself up, but came home to a dark house and news that Captain Kangaroo, my first television friend ever, had died.

i'm farking going to sleep, me and my patina'ed hands (i antiqued a shelf at michaels for a demo today, and the green/gold goo paint won't come off my hand.), before i cry for practically no reason.

i think pms hath set in.

argh. and i don't mean in a cute pirate-ey way.
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