January 31st, 2004

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hrm. seems my friends list is dropping like flies. i got a few new friends in my absence, which i'm thankful for :)

i'm sorry that i haven't been around. and yes, i realize that after awhile, that statement seems to become very very trite in the world of aubrenisms.

i just haven't been social at all lately. i haven't felt like dealing with people, but i haven't been depressed. oddly, i'm VERY happy at the moment.

i was thinking about it recently, that my move up here really has helped to put things into perspective. i'm a very different person than i was a year ago. i'm looking at the changes, and i think i like them. i've been humbled. i'm closer to my family. sure, i'm sad that my RL friends circle here is minimal at best, especially in comparison to phoenix, but... well, my friends for the most part are all i miss from phoenix.

no promotions coming through at work, both things that i had thought i had looking up for me there sort of fell through, but.. *shrug*... i mean, do i really want that extra responsibility? not at the moment. maybe down the road. (not to mention the office max one, should i choose to persue it, would force me to quit my job at michaels, which i'm not prepared to do yet.)

physically, i'm doing well, too. granted, i still have a lot of the weight that i put on during my unemployed time to drop, but because of the amount of walking and exercise i get during the day, i feel in so much better shape than i've felt in awhile. my pants and shirts are becoming looser. in fact, i need to go get a new pair of pants very soon. i hear old navy is running some good sales?

i guess the summary of this post is that, once again, i'm sorry i haven't been here. but know that things are going well *knocks on wood*, and that i'll be back when i'm ready to be overly social again.
disco star

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This morning, with the showing of Episode 912: The Screaming Skull, (complete with short Robot Rumpus), Mystery Science Theatre 3000 officially went off of the air forever.

it's the end of an era.

i must remember to set my vcr to record the old ep of saturday night live tonight, where they're rerunning an ANCIENT episode where Joel Hodgson was the comic talent on it.


in unrelated news: i bought a cd burner earlier this week. rawk.
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