February 8th, 2004

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i find it funny that it's now the 8th of february (almost typed 'november'), and i've only got two days this month where i've posted. i find that interesting.


yes. i am now accustomed to NO sunlight, unless it's filtered through miles of clouds and lots of rain drops.

i think i may be coming to an end of my recluse state. for awhile now, i felt like not being social at all, just working, and playing everquest. yes, i'm a gimp.

for any everquestrians that care, i now have, as of today:

- FINALLY Lost Dungeons of Norrath and Legacy of Ykesha expansions. i have dyed Laeka's armor dark blue and turned her into a brunette.
- 55 paladin KNIGHT Laeka Villomehn (lake of ill omen).. (half elf) she turned 55 last night, while fighting in the Plane of Nightmare with her WONDERFUL guild.
- 28 Cleric Tipptoe (dwarf).. still haven't come up with a good surname for her yet. *UPDATE: i gave her the surname Farshaw, after the Wheel of Time's Min Farshaw. and Tipptoe is now 30.*
- 14 Bard Aiisha (Vah Shir).. will probably delete this char and make a diff vah shir, as my brother's Harmoniee is taking up one of my slots. if i feel the burning need to play a bard, i can play her.
- 9 Shaman Pamprinn (troll) - i will probably delete this char and make an ogre bst or something.
- 13 Druid Meriamele (wood elf) - meh.
- 2 Shaman Nyneeve (froglok) - cuz i CAN.
- 20 Bard Hamroniee. er, Harmoniee. (half elf) - my brother's bard.
- 10 Necromancer Hylissa (dark elf). - death is fun. soloing is fun. fear my lifetap. it sucks your life for 11 hp. go me.

but i'm bored. i need to clean. i need to do laundry. meh.

but first? i need more caffeine.
disco star

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i feel so manly.

i just built a bookcase.

well, not a book case, but a media shelf. 5' in height. i got to use a hammer and screwdrivers and brute strength.


did any of you know that i studied carpentry when i first went to job corps, 10 years ago, that i was going to be a union carpenter when i grew up?

yes, amazing how things change.

I've been running
Just to get way from what's inside me
I'm drowning under the rush
Happy birthday
to the best brother in the world
At least I'm still cool to one girl

i wish my brother was around more, it would be fun to do a duo for that song :)
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