February 28th, 2004

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happy birthday, ragdoll and shari!!!

may this upcoming year be the best one yet!

laeka got flagged for tactics last night! woo! granted, i guess a ton of guild drama erupted because of it, for which i was here for none of it, only the fallout *shrug*

speaking of work (cuz that's where i was)... yes, i get to do cash office, and yes, i'm scheduled to do cash office almost every single day that i close.


it seems that 3 of the managers, roxana, scott, and andy, all are FINE with my being in there, and allow me to do my job. 3 of the managers, mary, ryan, and tony, have rarely closed with me in the cash office, and instead of allowing me to do my job, they spirit away someone else entirely in there, leaving me as a second closing cashier.


that was SO not in the contract.


if the scheduling manager (roxana) and the freaking entire STORE manager (scott) are completely fine with me in there, why the fuck can the rest of the managerial staff not get the fuck over not being used to having me in there, and allow me to do my freaking job for which i was scheduled?!?!? (yes, you can tell by my cussing that this has been an extremely sensitive issue with me lately..)

so, yeah. the next time i work with roxana, i'm SO executing the Open Door Policy and telling her that she needs to make sure that either the other managers get a farking clue, or she stop scheduling me for cash office on any days other than when her, scott, or andy close. i'm freaking SICK of feeling like i'm being punished and stuck out in the freaking corner to smile, be quiet, and make my little ink list like a good puppy.


the customer service desk gets the majority of the cranky people, the majority of the returns, the majority of the people trying to pull wool over our eyes. and especially after having stood on my feet for two days straight, open to close, dealing with angry people almost constantly, i would at least like to be rewarded and go in a nice quiet room by myself and not have to deal with them. but noooOOOOOoooo.


i need to go to work. at least i'm on the sales floor tonight.
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