March 1st, 2004

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i was toying with hacking all of my hair off today. i mean REALLY hacking. possibly something like this... or, in anther picture, though i think it looks ... bad.. on her.... i just dunno. i wear my hair back all the time, i feel.. alien.. when i actually wear it down. it annoys the hell out of me when i do. but i'm..scared to chop it all off. i mean, granted, it's only hair. but also it would take like TWO YEARS for it to grow back, should i hate it. also granted, i do nothing but work, and certainly don't have time to date or even think of attracting the opposite sex at the moment. i think it may be fun to have something that i can wake up, toss some gel or pomade in, and go.

pros: something different. i would cut all the black out of my hair, so i could begin to experiment with colors again, especially since i'm working in retail, and not in a professional desk job. it would effectively be too short to have to pull it back. it would fit my personality better (possibly)...

cons: i might HATE it and cry. i might feel/look mannish (i already have issues with feeling unattractive and unfeminine lately, certainly don't want to make it worse..). it may make me look older. the pacific northwest already has enough women/girls running around with the long bangs and short everywhere else.

*sigh* just dunno. i SO wanna, but then i'm SO too terrified to.

at work today, i had an entire display fall on me. i was stocking the grid shelf near the entrance during our busiest time of day, turned to the side to grab more stock, and heard everything fall, and looked up just in time to see it lurch and to brace myself and hold it up. i was stuck. i tentatively pull my hands away, and the wall continues to fall towards me.

i yell, "SOME ASSISTANCE!!!!!?!!" loudly.

there's no answer.

a customer runs up and grabs one corner of it, trying to help me out. i frantically try to think of who the hell is out on the floor.

"TAM-MAAAY!!!!!" tammy does not answer.

"RUH-NAAAAAY!!!!!??" rene yaulps a 'what, hun?' from the register. i say that the wall is falling down on me.

all shoppers suddenly hear the following announcement:

"attention Michaels associates. all available associates in the building immediately to the middle aisle for Aubrey!"

i see workers meandering towards the front, looking at each other in confusion... is there a meeting? and why is aubrey of all people holding the meeting, and during Prime Time? is she QUITTING?

until they see me holding an entire wall display up by myself (the gracious customer was hidden around the corner), then a few rush up to me, as others run into the back to grab ties and other things to secure the wall. suddenly, the store manager is there, making sure that i'm not hurt.

it was a running gag the rest of the day about how i was calling a meeting because i almost died, and how i was going to throw my apron down in front of everyone and leave forever because of it.

absolutely pointless post about personal posessions...

and because i'm bored...

thanks to raygunzero, i now have a massive liking for horrid movies.

mom's neighbor is moving out, and is getting rid of all his movies, for 50 cents a tape. i had almost none before hand, so told her that i would take them all. two days later, her boyfriend brings me a box of 40 movies:

the star wars golden box set (3)
My Giant
Hollow Man
Only You
Bride of Chucky
Final destination
tomorrow never dies
enemy mine
the hurricane
devil's advocate
the phantom menace
the three muskateers
iron will
alien arsenal
what planet are you from?
the mask of zorro
anna and the king
sleeping with the enemy
highlander endgame
fools rush in
star trek II: the wrath of kahn
a simple wish
the last starfighter
mystery men
in love and war
the 13th warrior
star trek: first contact
wild wild west
field of dreams
mars attacks
fortress II
the mummy

and i think i'm somehow missing two or three.

but anyhoo...

she said that he found SIXTY more. they are SO mine. who cares if vhs is a thing of the past? it'll save my ps2 motor that way. hell, for $30? not bad. and she says that he has a lot of sci fi/fantasy stuff in that selection, which is FUN.