March 6th, 2004

disco star

the morning after...

first of all, a big shout out to my dearest faetal, who was wonderful enough to do all the different things to my hair last night, although she had a migraine headache o'death. thanks, hun :)

second of all, i now realize that morning hair is going to be a BIG problem for the first time ever. eeGADS. i scared myself when i saw myself in the mirror this morning. fro city. i agreed with andrea to keep it blonde for at least a week, so that i can truly ... get a feel for it, and make a better decision as to keep it blonde or to go red or something else.

my bangs and some tips are a cool brown, from when brosely and i dyed our hair dark brown awhile ago, but i think it makes it look... trendy ;)

i'm scared to see people's reactions, though lol! i mean, chopping all my hair off then automatically going blonde may be too much of a change for people to handle.

and i'm still sick as a dog and have almost ZERO voice. i'm on the sales floor tonight, so it may not be too much of a deal, but tomorrow, i'm working customer service from open to close, meaning talking almost constantly for 9 hours. *winces* i'm going to work early today to get dayquil, nyquil, and cough drops.

and, in case you missed the pictures last night...