March 7th, 2004

disco star

no, don, if office max caught on fire, and i could only save two people, it would be you and Aubrey

those words spoken by my loverly Pattie. my loverly Pattie who is Massage Therapist Extraordinaire In Training, and who gave me a WONDERFUL full body massage as practice tonight.

i feel like i could sleep forever.

poor andrea will come home and wonder what the HELL that SMELL is in the living room. it's an oil blend of eucalyptus, pine, and "something else"

i feel like i'm finally making friends here, and it's a good feeling. that felt like the only thing that had really been missing upon my moving here. i don't want anyone that i'm friends with up here to think that i'm totally shunning them, so i guess i should say "i'm finally making friends here, that arent my friends because they were friends with my brother first."

pattie - hilarious religious vegan that i work with at office max. 21 and married. massage therapist in training. john cusak fanatic (this was the first bonding point between her and i).

don - the cute but weird guy from office max. writes beautiful poetry (from what ive heard from pattie). a sad sad soul with a gigantic heart. believes in me.

wendy - ditzy fun blonde from office max. recently married. crazy past (like me). loves margueritas. makes me giggle heinously whenever we're together.

still SICKSICKSICK. had more voice than i did yesterday, but felt as if i was going to pass out several times, it was so bad. had a massive coughing fit at customer service, had to pass my customers over mid transaction and run to the back, nose running, tears streaming down my face.

in listening to music lately, and in talking to people about why i moved here, i realize that it's been awhile since i've been depressed, since i felt that all encompassing DESPAIR, that i never thought would go away, that i had no idea how to ever begin to crawl out of. yes, i'm sick all the damn time. yes, i seem to do nothing but work.

but it seems to be working out for me. i feel more content in who i am today, i think.

and now, i shall go bathe and rid myself of this covering of essential oils, take some nyquil, and call it a night.

Six months on, the winter's gone
The disenchanted pony
Left the town with the circus boy
The circus boy got lonely
It's summer, and it's sister song's
Been written for the lonely
The circus boy is feeling melancholy
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