March 8th, 2004

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i called in sick today, after having forced myself to go to work for many VERY long shifts, getting sicker and sicker, and having no voice, being dizzy as all hell, and wondering a couple of times if i really was going to pass out.

i'm amazed that they were shocked and angry when i officially DID call in sick, 6 hours before my shift. *shrug*


what i'm blowing out my nose is now a loverly color of ochre. dark yummy yellow. when it's not pink with blood, that is. maybe i SHOULD go to the doctor. can't take any deep breaths, because i'll erupt into a massive coughing fit.

and i have to get ready for meredith's visit.

my best friend from phoenix will be here tomorrow night, and i wouldn't have a chance to get things ready for her otherwise, having worked every single day over the last two weeks.

so neener. i'm home sick.




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