April 4th, 2004

disco star

you might as well resign yourself to your MEATY FATE....(meeeats of evil... meeeats of evil...)

today went much better than yesterday... after work, Pattie and i raced over to the carnival in the Office Max parking lot, and ran around the mini fairgroundesque place, giggling heinously and flapping our ride passes in the air like giddy rose-cheeked childmonsters. we rode the zipper. we rode the sizzler. we rode the viking ship.

oddly, i felt FIIINE until the final ride, which was... well... it was almost like a sideways ferris wheel. it was weenie. it had little carriages with little shiny umbrellas on top. it went in circles. i felt like i must barf. and i'd never had more fun. pattie = good times.

i'm still dizzy. and feel like doodie. and i can't get into everquest.

must go to bed.

as soon as this episode of Zim is over...

"it will turn you into what you are, deep down inside!"
".... deep down inside, i'm bologna?"
"well that's just dumb!"
"dumb like a moose, dib, DUMB LIKE A MOOSE!"

"go ahead and frolic in your meats of evil!"

"taste me, gaz, i'm DELICIOUS!"

and i've had this portion, and only this portion, of this song going through my head all FREAKING DAAAAY:

i put a quarter in a record machine
i thought i'd dedicated one to Joleine
but it was full of records i'd never seen
and it's time to change, and it's all beyond me....
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    Sloan - So Beyond Me