April 11th, 2004

disco star

thoughts of the past...

I knew that i had been here almost a year, what with Easter here and all (and hope everyone has a happy Easter or Passover!)..

so i read last year's post.

in it, i had just packed my bathroom, and was planning a happy hour to say goodbye to people at. i remember the only people to show up were my friend matt, his girlfriend i had never met, and baryon...

all the posts gave me the willies, and brought back tons of emotion.

my, how things can change in a year.

so i also read from two years ago on the 11th. i was going to go see peyton's band, Crayon Sky, even if peyton wasn't there, no matter how silly i felt (i had a crush on one of the band members...)

three years ago (in aubreystar found an odd dream.

i don't know what i would ever have done without livejournal to chronical my thoughts and emotions over the last 3 years. and i've met so many wonderful people!

sorry i'm not around more. i'll come back, i promise. i just... need some time...