April 12th, 2004

disco star

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it's amazing how as you age, you are willing to suffer less and less in the way of sacrificing comfort for fashion.

i remember being a teenager (and please please remember that this occured from 1988 - 1995, so fashion was a bit... different...) and being willing to wraggle into the tightest jeans possible, because of the fear that anything even remotely baggy would make me look fat. i remember walking EVERYWHERE, and doing so in my mock snakeskin boots that i wore under my torn jeans for that rocker look. i remember them having nothing in the way of padding, and coming to a point in the front that would be able to spear a mollusk. (especially because they had a little embossed metal covering at the front for decoration.)

i also remember getting up every single morning to rat my hair. well, my bangs and sides, anyway, just to get that nice 'cobra' look. (and in my defense, my hair wasn't NEARLY as large as most of the girls in school. i remember looking at them wistfully and wishing IIIII had the confidence enough in myself that i could go much, much higher. in retrospect, it's good to know that my insecurities were good for SOMETHING, if nothing else than to prevent pictures like some of those in my year book of others, to surface.)

now, 10 years after no longer being a teenager, as i'm getting ready for work, i'm sitting here in jeans that are just slightly snug, and putting on tennis shoes that have lost some of the cushioning since i bought them. my underwire bra is already BUGGING. i'm thinking that my life is OVER. okay, maybe not OVER, but certainly uncomfortable for the next 6 hours.

i seriously pondered for a few seconds this morning as to whether or not i could get away with wearing pajama bottoms to work.

have any of you experienced this? gone great lengths as a teenager to get 'the look' and instead sacrificed comfort greatly, but now you're happy to be slovenly, uh... slovens, just so that you're comfortable?

for Easter dinner last night, i wore stretch pants and a tee shirt, and no bra. i was quite comfortable and happy. i was just going to leave my hair be after washing it, until it began to dry, and i remembered that when i cut it last, that it became so short as to not lay flat, but to fro out much like a lightsocket shocking. slapped some gel on there right quick, boy howdee.

anyhoo, i'm off to work. and i need FOOOOOD.