April 23rd, 2004

disco star

(no subject)

insomnia SUCKS.

soooooooooo tired last night, so i went to bed at 1230.

just to read until 230.

just to toss and turn until 530.

(note: my alarm goes off at 5.)

i think i've had maybe a total of a half hour of sleep in between hitting the sleeper alarm.

and now i get to work from 8 am until 11 pm on said amount of sleep.

hoo fucking ray.
disco star

(no subject)

i made it, i'm still alive, and i didn't fall face first into a pile of drool on my register.

i DID, however, drink my weight in caffeine, and didn't eat much other than one taco and some sour gummy worms, so i feel SO not right.

i'm antsy and highly caffeinated, yet ill and TIE-URD.

sleep will be good to have soonly, we'll see if i can accomplish it.

and thanks, my dearest Leanna, for your wonderful letter today, it lit up my evening! *luvluvluv*