April 26th, 2004

disco star

conversations overheard at work(s):

these are things that i've overheard the last few times that i worked, which i found amusing:

"oh mah gawd! stephanie's step monster went INTO her room and read her DIARY!"
"oh no!"
"OH NO!"
"so i told her to write in there 'dear diary....." (at this point, they had sadly stepped just out of the range where i could understand their words..)

"don't hit your brother, silly!"
*one second of silence*
*crying begins*

4 year old kid: "and then come valermtines day?"
mom gives an absent minded 'mmmhummmm'

"okay, chad, here's your swoops, and this time your uncle can't have any!"
me: "awww, did his uncle eat all his swoops? that's mean!"
"yes, and he left the package, empty, back where he would have found it, so he got all excited and only found an empty package!"
i turn to the 7 year old boy "would you like me to beat him up for you?"
mom starts CACKLING and says 'oooh, darlin, he would enjoy that ENTIRELY too much from YOU!' and cackled out the door...