May 8th, 2004

disco star

sick sick sick, aubrey gets her monthly sickness...

yes, i'be got a code. a horrible code. it's kicking mah ass. it hit last dight with a vedgeance, idvadig my siduses & stuffig me up. my voice also seembed to drop ad octave. i deed drugs to help me through the ebedig (evening).

my boss from office max will be picking me up in an hour to go up to kelso to help that office max with their inventory, so i'll be working from like 4 pm until approx 2 am, then 10 - 5 tomorrow.

then i get two blessed days off.

why couldn't my cold hit THEN?!?
disco star

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just got home from work, inventory was simple, though i'm convinced that i'm going to have dreams of nothing but counting binders. and recounting binders. and recounting binders.

my cold + dayquil = me being completely out of it anyway, so i felt i was dehydrated and stoned. i was mostly unaware of my surroundings, anyway.

i thought i had something more interesting to say here, but i really don't. my everquest account needs to be paid, and i feel... frightened because i can't log on. maybe that's a sign of truly being addicted, no? just as long as i get it back before my two days off. *nod*

i've been going through a comtemplative time in my life. i feel things need to change, that i need to get my life in gear and correct things that need to be corrected, yet i feel no energy or desire to make the first steps to do so.

maybe that's because i'm sick.

or whatever.

i'm going to try to go get some sleep now.

love yas.