May 22nd, 2004

disco star

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yay! i'm a...


i had picked up some haircolor because i was sick of the constant upkeep for blonde. it was sposed to be a dark auburn, but i sorta spaced the time and left it on for an hour instead of for 25 min.


so it looks almost black with auburn highlights.....

aubrey is a blonde no more.
disco star

hee hee @ metal bands...

i was craving old hair metal, so i currently have on random on my mp3 player:

Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
Slik Toxic
Spread Eagle
Lord Tracy
Great White (a song or two)
Tesla's greatest hits
Lillian Axe - Poetic Justice and Psychoschitzophrenia
Faster Pussycat (the first one and Whipped, i can't find my Wake Me When it's Over, unfortunately..)
Kik Tracee - Field Trip
Baker's Pink

i really need to dig through my cd's and find:

Faster Pussycat - Wake Me...
Lillian Axe - Love and War
The Front


*runs upstairs*
*runs back down*

i found the above treasures as well as:

Child's Play - Rat Race
Death Angel - Act III
Nelson - After the Rain *snicker*
Excentrics - Why the Long Face?
Bang Tango - Psycho Cafe
a mixed cd from one of the Foundations Forum with Faith No More, Fates Warning, Babylon A.D., Savatage, Sleeze Beez, Shotgun Messiah, Mordred, and Cats in Boots *giggles heinously*

i also found my Pariah, Tora Tora, Two-Bit Thief, but they stayed upstairs...

i have been craving old hair band music for some reason lately, though i think that it may be because for SOME reason, whenever i oversleep on my days off, D.A.D.'s "sleeping my day away" song goes through my head, which is funny, because i was never really a D.A.D. fan.

maybe i'll even pull out my old headbanger's balls tapes (i have almost every single headbangers ball recorded from 89 to 93, from adam curry to when it was cool, to when rikki rachman sold out...)

anyone else have any silly old hair bands that they still listen to to add? and please, if you're a lurker, i would still love a comment on them from you, even if it's anonymous!
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