May 27th, 2004

disco star

to kick a dead horse... more for my own recollection... pardon me while i jabber senselessly...

in reading some Lillian Axe lyrics in my brother's journal, i just HAD to race upstairs and grab some old Headbanger's Ball tapes, as well as two compliation vhs's that my friend nicole made for me. i'm sitting here giggling to death at how CHEESY and wonderful it all is... and amazed that i still remember so many NAMES of the band members. *heehee*

included on the tapes are videos of:

Tyketto - Wings (in singing along now, i never realized that Danny's voice was so ... HIGH...)
Princess Pang - Trouble in Paradise
Princess Pang - Find My Heart a Home (i SO wanted to be like the lead singer Jeni when i grew up. all gypsy-ed out and cool.)
Beggars & Thieves - Beggars & Thieves (never thought the lead singer - Louie? - was hot until i had a dream of him as a tragic vampire when i was a teen...)
Faster Pussycat - You're so Vain (still have my posters somewhere, they were my favorite band for a VERY long time, had the BIGGEST crush on Brent Muscat!)
Faster Pussycat - Don't Change That Song
a couple of FPC interviews on HBB
an interview with Pretty Boy Floyd (in my adult life (read: early 20's) i saw this band more than any other band, mainly because of how FUN they were to hang out with - the most hilarious being when Steve "Sexual Harrasment" Summers called my apartment to toss me on the guest list and said "aubrey? hi! this is STEVE SEXUAL SUMMERS!"... i remember thinking 'this guy CAN'T be real, he's 30 something and still introducing himself as such? but i DO miss Kane and Keff *sniffle*)
Pretty Boy Floyd - I Wanna Be With You
Kix - Midnight Dynomite (they, too, were once my favorite band on earth for awhile, after the release of Blow My Fuse)
varous Kix interviews
Kix - Girl Money
Kix - Same Jane
The Front - Fire (Michael Anthony Franano was and is still one of my biggest musical influences, although The Front seemed almost like a Doors knockoff, but Baker's Pink was something original in itself...)
The Front - Le Motion
Slaughter - Days Go By
Mordred - Every Day's a Holiday
Mordred - Esse Quam Vidiri
Roughhouse - Tonight (i loved this band mainly because of a hiliarious interview i read with them where they talked about Rex and his obsession with taxidermy)
Jailhouse - Modern Girl (Amir Derakh's embarassing, hidden past before he joined Orgy and became cool!)
Jailhouse - Please Come Back
Vain - Beat the Bullet (i so wanted hair the color of Davy Vain's when i was a teen! *swoon*)
Vain - Who's Watching You
Banshee - Shoot Down the Night (the epitome of HORRIBLE hair metal videos *violent shudder*)
live performance of L.A. Guns - It's Over Now on some talk show
Roxx Gang - No Easy Way Out (i remember seeing them late on HBB and giggling with my friend denise about how the lead singer was so skinny, he'd turn sideways and disappear, and in our tired giggly minds, quietly shrieking "omg, where'd he go?" every time he did - we had to be quiet because her dad would come out and SCREAM at us: "GOD DAMNIT, DENISE!" he looked like Ronald Reagan with a temper problem, so this was quite scary!)
Roxx Gang - Scratch My Back
Noisy Mama - Heart of Stone
Dangerous Toys - Gimme No Lip
Dangerous Toys - Line 'em Up
Slik Toxic interviews on Headbanger's Ball
Slik Toxic - Helluvatime
Spring Break on Mtv with a live performance from Stiff (pre Lillian Axe band)
Lillian Axe - Dream of a Lifetime (before Axe was cool *giggle* and when Ron Taylor had a full head of hair and you GO with that glitter shirt with roses, Stevie!)
Lillian Axe - Show a Little Love (when the band was their purdiest! Nicole and i used to joke that Ron's gorgeousness should have been ILLEGAL there, girl!)
Lillian Axe - No Matter What (Lillian Axe was probably my final favoritest 'metal' band, and a GIGANTIC inspiration - i loved that they went from a band writing about nothing but typical hard rock sex and love stories into one that sang about religion, philosophy, and spirituality...)
interview with Ron Taylor and Stevie Blaze (lol never realized that Stevie had a slight southern accent - HEE!.. i never did get a chance to check out his New Life Experience band, though i have Ron's demo he made in phoenix with The Bridge, and i know that the drummer, Tommy, went on to play with Godsmack..)
a few different interviews with Kik Tracee
Kik Tracee - You're So Strange (KT was the first signed band i ever saw live, and still thee best drum solo i've ever experienced!)
Kik Tracee - No Rules
Kingofthehill - I Do U (i still farking LOVE this band's album, about the only band that i avidly listened to that i had no idea as to who the musicians were)
Kingofthehill - If I Say
interview with Kingofthehill
Every Mother's Nightmare - Love Can Make You Blind (i remember how THRILLED i was, when at one of the first band practices ever, norsican broke out with the beginning of this song! and how sad i was because it took me forever to realize where i had heard whatever it was she was playing *smirk*)
Every Mother's Nightmare - Walls Come Down
Every Mother's Nightmare - Love Can Make You Blind (alternative video)
Concrete Foundations '91 footage ("do you know Mike Pont?")
Spread Eagle - Switchblade Serenade
Spread Eagle - Scratch Like a Cat
Child's Play interview thingie
Child's Play - Rat Race
Kill for Thrills - Commercial Suicide
Gypsy Rose - Poisoned By Love

okay, enough of random rambling... i spose.

Can you see your demons right before your eyes,
They’re no good to you, except for cheap disguise.
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final rambling musings..

i desperately want to either update my pathetic website or to get the guestbook working, or does someone know of a better webby guestbook? i spose it doesnt' really matter, netscape was being so evil that it wouldn't let me update anything or to even leave a message on the front page, the jekrs.

jadisan's birthday is tomorrow *waves emphatically* and raygunzero's party is saturday, but i work LOTS starting with both jobs tomorrow, 3 to close (at least, i HOPE it's 3 to close) on saturday, and 930 am until close on sunday. may or may not be working monday, both jobs on tuesday, then i'm DONE with the two jobs thing. woo. *waves pom pom in the air in a circular motion*

maybe i can find interest in everyday things again? one can only hope.

in the meantime, i would be VERY happy to find my nebulous capo. it ran away, i'm certain. maybe it's vacationing in maine? i hear it's nice there this time of year. i ALWAYS kept it on Rufus (my Fender), (and though i know it isn't healthy for the strings, but i always knew where it was, damnit!! *shakes fist in mock rage*), and the last time i saw or heard it was when i heard Greg plop down next to my guitar and say 'i'm going to teach myself to play guitar RIGHT NOW! *TWANNNNG!

in looking through the various websites, it's interesting to see how many musicians have died since 'back then', and to see HOW they died. seems like 1/3 died from AIDS, 1/3 from cancer, and 1/3 from auto accidents.

moral of the story? don't try smoking like a chimney and having sex with a needle drug user while trying to drive at the same time.

The jester takes his bows
Slips into the crowd
As the actors fade away
Another death to mourn
Another child is born
Another chapter in the play

p.s., also ironic, i find, that on the page where i found the lyrics to this old metal song, it also advertised the mandolin training tapes and dvds for Nickel Creek's Chris Thile... my old and new musical worlds colliding, no?
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I've discovered exactly what i need for Christmas, or an early Christmas present, late birthday present, a 4th of July gift, whathaveyou.

oh mah gaw, it's DELICIOUS! *licks her monitor*

i would finally be able to listen to all my old tapes again! i had TRIED to listen to tapes on my little portable radio, i listened to one side of Poetic Justice when i first got the deck around Christmastime, and .... well, it never opened its door again, let's just say. i pounded it, i pried it, and it sat there, smirking at me with my precious tape held tightly in its mouth.

good thing i also have it on cd.

and, granted, much later on, on a whim, i tried opening it again, and OMG< IT OPEND! did i take the tape out? course not! i just said 'Oh! that's nice!' and clicked it shut again.

i think i heard it gnawing happily on it the other night.

what do you give to a boy who's got it all?
how do you make love to a porcelain doll?
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