May 28th, 2004

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i now firmly believe jadisan when she says it rains every year on her birthday.

yesterday, though, we also had a TORNADO that touched down not 20 miles from my house, and i didn't know until this morning when i heard it on the radio.

also, lack of sleep sucks. *grumpy stare* i couldn't for the life of me fall asleep until about 430 am (my alarm goes off at 530), and now i'll be late from hitting the snoozer again.

only. two more. work days. for two. jobs.

oh, and hey! have i mentioned how LOVELY it is to wake up after zero sleep and be running late to work, only to remember as you get dressed that you had splashed your uniform with tomato soup when you worked last and had forgotten to do laundry? YEAH, that's AWESOME! maybe they, uh... won't notice the pretty orange splotches STILL on my dark blue shirt. it's ALSO amazingly WONDERFUL to feel the slight rumblings of unhappy doings downstairs, if you catch my meaning. lovely. a waltz in the rain with soupy clothing and possibly soupy... other things.

and where the hell has all my money gone?!?
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