July 3rd, 2004


a few things of note...

- Final Fantaxy x-2 is MIIIIIIIIIIIINE. now i just need a flipping book. it has me confuseded. i shall try to find one today.

- i have been wearing contact lenses the last few days instead of glasses. the responses i had the first day: "are you... are you FEELING okay?" "oh, sweety, is everything alright? you look like you've been crying!" "did you... did you get a lot of sun?" to each, i responded "no, i just don't have my glasses on." they all looked at me like "OOOOOOOOOOOOH, that's it!" and nodded and walked off. i'm also being led to believe that not wearing glasses leads people to believe they can sell me things while going through my line. (either that, or it's the full moon...) i've been offered several vitamin suppliments, a few weight loss pills, avon, mary kay, and various forms of religion and chiropracty.

- i've been trying to grow my hair out. it's becoming frightening, and i'm quite liking having NO hair practically, so i will probably hack my hair back off (it's grown to about 3 inches now lol).

- i work open to close tomorrow on the fourth of july. thankfully, we close at six, so if we're lucky, after an entire day of slow BOREDOM (we had BEST be dead, i'll thwack anyone coming in for business supplies not only on a national holiday, but a USEful one, where they could be at the Fort, at the beach, or barbecueing in their own back yard.), we'll be leaving there before 7. not that i have any PLANS, mind you, but it's the entire principle of the thing. (i would be quite content, really, to sit at home and play FFX-2 until i'm bored with it. Then back to EverQuest.)

- i'm at the end of book 6 of the Death Gate Cycle. I had been reading it fervently every extra moment i got, but i haven't picked it up in a few days: it's at a point where everyone is incredibly happy and at peace, and, having read them before, i know that things are going to go incredibly horribly awry, for a very long time, and i am loathe to disturb that peace. silly me. and i'm still in love with Haplo.

- i find it amusing that the roommate is upstairs blaring Sublime, and i'm downstairs blaring Belle and Sebastian. Don't ask me why i find this so. i just do.

- i SO don't feel like bathing today, but it is SO necessary.

- due to the radio station i have it set on to wake me up, i have realized that there are two 80's songs that i HATE with EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. this is: "Sister Christian" and "Total Eclipse of the Heart". any other song on earth can happily wake me up. Those two will put me into a spiraling doom of HATE and loathing.

- closing with Tony tonight. Not that any of you know who he is, but this means it will be entertaining at least, frustrating at best. i'm happy that i've learned to work with Tony instead of trying to glare holes into his back whenever he wasn't looking (and sometimes when he was). Ricky quit, Andy almost walked out. Not very many people left from when i got there, not exactly including Jerry or Betty (they don't count, they've been there since day 1 practically, bless their little hearts.)


lay your hands on the ocean
lay your hands on the sea
you touch the heart with words
ooh, you satisfy me, you satisfy me...
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why in the world am i incredibly DIZZY today?

no, not ditzy, you jerks. i'm that every day. but i'm incredibly DIZZY, whenever i bend over to pick something up....

i need to go bathe now.