July 10th, 2004

disco star

i am da ting in da place dat mooves yoo.

in finally getting around to responding to old responses to posts (namely this old meme) i'm realizing how difficult it is to put into words just how much someone means to me and why they mean what they do to me. if THAT makes any sense. it's too damn early. i have to work at 9 am, couldn't sleep last night until what... 2 am? forced myself to get up at 630 am to get coffee and food (coffee? check. food? not so check.) since i don't have any money to get any on the way to work. if i leave early enough, i may take my tax return check with me and swing by the check cashing place to see if they do better than 3%. i can't remember if they were advertising 4% or 2%. i know it was a multiple of two, i'm sure of it.

oh, but back to my original train of thought and the whole reasoning behind this post: it's hard to put things into words and try to profoundly express why i adore someone, when i hardly have a grasp of the english language.

sorry to those i hadn't gotten around to responding to yet, i wasn't ignoring you, i promise! well, not on PURPOSE anyway!

me and my dizziness must get ready for work now...