July 13th, 2004

disco star

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beer and potatoes.


okay, so i'm kidding.

i'm not eating potatoes.

long hellish day at work, my cashier called in sick, and we were as busy as if back to school had already been in full swing. i shit you not, i haven't seen us this busy since Christmas, and it was myself, Igor, Don, and Kathryn (for copy max). hell. HELL. insane as HELL. insane hell? HELL INSANE!

doesnt' help that for some weird reason, today happened to be the day that my hormones decided to kick in for it's monthly PMS. i'm not an emotional person by nature at ALL (in fact, i'm certain i drive my poor roommate nuts because im super duper mega machina apathetic!), but practically everything today had me virtually in tears.

so now i'm home, drinking the DELICIOUS *rolls eyes* 211 my brother gave me and waiting for my ramen to cool enough to inhale it. it's farking HOT. (the ramen AND the weather in general.) who in the HELL invented humidity? INGRATES! grr. let me thwack you with my thwacking spoon.

hrm. i forgot how insanely fun making stupid inane posts was. ha.